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Please complete each field accurately as the data entered will affect the accuracy of the results:

Property Value (approx.)

Please enter an approximate valuation/estimate of your property value.

Mortgage Balance (approx.)

Please enter the TOTAL mortgage/home loan balance. You can combine several mortgage/home loan balances into one total.

Interest Rate (approx.)

Please enter the current rate for your mortgage/home loan – if your mortgage/home loan has 2 or more portions please enter an average rate or the rate of the highest portion.

Mortgage Repayments (approx.)

Please enter the TOTAL amount/s you actually pay towards your mortgage/s / homeloan/s.

Take Home Household Income (approx.)

Please enter your TOTAL Net (after tax) income for the whole household. Please include income from all sources i.e. Centrelink, rental income as a NET figure.

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