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'A Smarter Way to Buy'

Welcome to the world of ‘A Smarter Way to Buy’

We at Alphington Builders want you to feel comfortable with the amount you are considering spending with us.

Sometimes when we look at spending thousands of dollars in building or renovating we question what we can really afford.

Are we spending too much? Can we afford to spend more?

To help answer this question a business called Axcelerator provides a service called 'A Smarter Way to Buy'. Axcelerator have been helping people purchase anything from overseas holidays to investment properties for many years. Their clients number in the thousands and many are regular users of the 'Smarter Way to Buy' service.

The 'Smarter Way to Buy' service helps you clarify what you can comfortably afford to spend on your purchase. Even if you have your finances in place, this may give you more peace of mind because you have made a more calculated decision.


A couple with 2 kids earning a combined $90,000 per annum, with a mortgage of $200,000 who also purchased Home Improvements totalling $80,000 found out they may be able to save 15.08 years and $154,840 in interest when they used A Smarter Way mortgage.

Please see graph below

Now do some calculations yourself; if you like the results give Axcelerator a call so they can explain more about the ‘Smarter Way to Buy' service and maybe do a more in depth calculation for you.

The 'Smarter Way to Buy' service can give you more of the things you want. CALL US

You have no obligation and you can ask for an estimate to implement the 'Smarter Way to Buy' service.

Call 1300 784 647 or email us at

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